CLICK HERE for Detailed Chart of Minerals Tech Welding Electrodes & Torch Alloys.  INCLUDES: Material Class, Name, Description, Application, Properties, Current, Size & Amperages. 

 Minerals Tech offers a wide variety of the highest quality aerosol products.

One of our top sellers, Ultra Rust-Solv, available in 5 Oz. AV and 14 Oz. AV.  Not to be confused with ordinary lubricating oil, Ultra Rust-Solv actually has rust dissolving properties that absorb into rust and corrosion to break it down.  Ultra Rust-Solv is a non-acidic dielectric, meaning it is safe for cleaning and freeing of all electrical equipment. 

Ultra Rust-Solv also dries residue free and has an environmentally safe formula.


Beet roll spirals can be rebuilt easily and last much longer with Minerals Tech Beet Roll.  This product will both build up and hard face your sugar beet roll grab rails.  Beet Roll is flux cored, efficient slag free with a high deposition that goes on smooth.  We are the premier global supplier for metal to earth and ground engaging tools.  Vegetable growers love our products!  Whether you farm potato, onion, chili, hay, or wheat; we have the perfect product for your needs.

Mining & Metal Fabrication 

Minerals Tech "Hipster" Titan Drill Bit Kit contains 29 pieces in a limited edition round plastic index with 1 each: 1/16" - 1/2" x 64ths.  These drill bits can be used for farming, mining, manufacturing, ranching, maintenance or marine work.  The Hipster Drill Bit Kit cuts faster, runs cooler and requires less torque than traditional bits.  The 135 degree split point provided for faster penetration and the ability to cut harder metals such as Rockwell types.  

Minerals Tech 478, one of our most popular and highly versatile stick rods made for use with AC-DC machines.  This product is great for alloyed steels; the smooth, light, non-porous coat helps keep moisture out.  Ideal for structural steel fabrication of beams, channel, pipe or items subject to stress.  Excellent for "problem or tramp" steels high in sulphur and phosphorous.  Crack and impact resistant with ultra high tensile strength 90,000+ and ultra elongation 31% (elasticity). 

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